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Their Wedding Ceremony

Scavengers smell a sugary scent of decay
And whisper foul swears over thin body of a comely fair.
Elegant curves of a slim maiden waist engendered admires, thousands of swains.
Bright flashes, wet lashes, a stone pedestal coated with flakes of bloody red snow.
Encompassed by pack of vulturous eyes, they devoured her figure with malevolent smiles.

Heavenly beauty was exceedingly rare
That even love was beyond to compare,
But one day in a crimson twilight
Oh, she committed a suicide.

Approaching a window in the desolate house
With tears on the cheeks she hysterically shouted
Then sat in dark corner and started to moan.

Fearful thoughts in the lunatic head
Caused ominous visions, indescribable dread.
Bruises and wounds, soft bitten lips,
Incarnadine traces from long leather whip.

Vines with sharp spikes crawl to her twee swan neck
And black roses sing a grim song for pale death
Their fallen petals covered amatory bed,
Desired proposal was suddenly made.

On their lofty wedding ceremony
Church organ played a eerie cacophony.
Enamored brides eagerly kissed each other
After final tragic words of holy father.

In a white silken dress
She was forsaken, wretched and breathless.
How fleeting was her dreary life,
Full of treacheries and beautiful lies.

Disillusions and regrets
Were her only true friends.
Prisoner in a palace of despair
Clang of chains, fetters and pain.

An orphan in the imperfect world
Who wished to be a marvelous bird,
To fly in the clear skies,
Chimerical dreams, silent shrill screams.

Day after day and night after night
She sorely fought for sane state of her mind,
But unbearable loneliness in four bare walls,
Hypocritical masks, theatrical roles,
Artificial hearts and empty, cheap talks
Turned gorgeous flower into a soulless doll.

Depression was a sweet delight,
But in the same time a rusty blunt knfie,
Which had a lot of dismal hues
From coal-black to soft, light-blue

And the taste was always bitter,
Same as a poisonous philtre.
Reflections in a false mirror
Were simply ripple in a river.

The sun was slowly falling down
Its red shine filled a little town
She put on her best white silken gown
And went to elegiac rout.

Mingled emotions tore her from inside
She felt people's nasty, malicious sights,
But with joy in the voice she mournfully said:
- At last, the carnival is coming to it's logical end!

And all hesitations have disappeared
Only wet traces from poignant tears
Envious glance towards future wife:
- I prepared white rose, thou would be satisfied.

Faceless goddess began to cry,
But agreed to be a miserable, charming bride.

The fair rushed to a road
And started to look for passing by car.
One was approaching from somewhere far.
She took last deep breath
And jumped under wheels,
Instantaneous death,
Cold wedding kiss.
Followed by howling of the chill winter wind...


from The Celebration Of Despair And Woe (Demo 2018), track released October 18, 2018
Music: Sasha Giller
Lyrics: Sasha Giller
Cries: Maria Budasova


all rights reserved



Tragedy In Hope Saint Petersburg, Russia

If the culture of new sincerity sounded like black metal, it would sound like Tragedy In Hope.

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